Thursday, February 26, 2009

State Senator Luke Kenley is mad at Buzzcut

Here is Republican State Senator Luke Kenley's reply to my scathing e-mail about his blackmailing Lake County into imposing an income tax:

Well I tried your phone # and the operator said it was a non-working number. I was hesitant to even call for fear it would be useless to try to have a civil call after such a threatening and rude e-mail. All these assumptions you are making about what I have or haven't done seem pretty offbase. I'm trying to decide whether to forward your email to the state police.

I'm a dumbass, I mistyped my own phone number! I was a little livid when writing that e-mail, my brain got a little ahead of my fingers.

I hope he sends it to the state police, I could really use that kind of publicity.


BigReub said...

What the hell would the state police do with it. Laugh at Luke for thinking it was threatening?
Agressive, yes. Borderline Rude, possibly. Threatening, maybe to a sissy.

buzzcut said...

BigReub, it wasn't borderline rude. It was straight up rude!

But that's what tax raisers like Kenley deserve. We ALL should be rude!

I do think that the threat to send it to the state police was telling. What a baby.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic approach! 'straight up rude'... is that similar to "keep'in it real?"

Could I use this same approach at my job? Would you mind? I'll give you credit?

Heck while we are at it, I think this is how we should have our children treated at school?

The results would be outstanding!

Come on man!! When have you ever in a professional situation have someone address you in such a manner. That involves 'your' money and livelihood too.

You show little respect for yourself. Writing about medical persons, ad other you deem ’rich’ the way you did a while back was one thing, now you pushed it a little step further and gallingly do it directly toward specifically people.

Does it necessitate a call to the police? Probably not if it ends there, but certainly it would be the first step in heading in that direction.