Monday, May 9, 2011

Is Schererville going the way of Crown Point?

Crown Point is a Republican town that has a Democrat mayor because of feuds started by Kim Krull.

The same thing is happening in Schererville:

As town GOP Chairman Kevin Slaman, who also serves as the Lake County GOP vice chairman, waited for election results to filter in Tuesday night to the St. John Township Center, supporters of his primary election challenger, Kevin Bradley, tried to join the gathering. Slaman wouldn't let them, arguing it was a private party.

But the several people to whom he denied entry -- including St. John Township Board President Tom Cavanaugh and Schererville Police Commission President Kevin Connelly -- said a GOP meeting was scheduled for 7 p.m. at the township center, and they should have been allowed in the building.

The men said Slaman threatened to call the police if they didn't leave the building, an accusation Slaman refused to address after it happened on election night.

In the presence of The Times, Cavanaugh asked Slaman to clarify that he was denying the men entry, and Slaman confirmed that it was a private party and that they needed to leave.

Slaman said other members asked last week if they could attend the gathering at the township center on election night and he said "no." But they showed up anyway.

"It's not a good thing to have two opposing campaigns in the same room on election night," Slaman said. "It's an emotional thing."

An agenda from the April 5 Schererville Republican Party meeting lists the group's next meeting as 7 p.m. May 3 at the township center. Slaman said that in the last 10 years he has been involved with elections, the party has never had an actual meeting on election night.

Rather, they sit and count votes.

The ejected Republicans said they were only trying to make peace and unite the party.

"The party has been fractured for a while, and we're trying to get it back together," Cavanaugh said.

Slaman said, as far as he is concerned, the incident was not a big deal.

"Our party is coming together," he said. "I believe we'll come together after this."

This happens again and again with Kim Krull, Kevin Slaman, and George Janiec. This dictatorial triumvirate (a Janiec word if even I've uttered one) constantly is subverting the party for its own electorial purposes, and when things don't go their way, they are extremely petty and revenge minded. This is par for the course.

What I still don't understand is how Cavanaugh got on the outs with Hank Adams. Adams is now aligned with Krull/ Slaman/ Janiec, and Hank fired Cavanaugh from the St. John Township assessors office.

Which is Scaedenfreude (another Janiec word) for me, because Cavanaugh went after "The Candidate of NO!" because I complained about how long it was taking to get property reassessed in Lake County, which he took as a complaint against Hank. I guess Hank is a taskmaster that demands more loyalty than even that.

As usual, you learn more in the comments than the story:

Firstly, the meeting that night was scheduled ON THE PREVIOUS MONTH'S AGENDA that a Schererville GOP Organization meeting was on election night, May 3rd. There was no meeting cancelation notice, therefore the Schererville Republicans were to have a meeting.

Secondly, as the story says: the meeting was where votes were being counted for the Schererville Republican Party. That takes away the possibility of this being a private meeting. Slaman, Schererville GOP town chair AND candidate for Schererville town council, can NOT have a private campaign election night party AND count the votes at the same time. That is illegal.

This is why Mr. Bradley and his supports came to the meeting, to be a part of the vote count and to unite the party no matter who won the Schererville town council Ward 3 race. However, Mr. Slaman made a wrong move and not only threw Republicans out of a vote counting meeting, but he also threatened to call the police. There is something wrong there.

Next part: this story missed the other elected and appointed officials that were there: Besides the Presdient of the St. John Township board and the Chairman of Scherervilles police commission, two other members of the police commission Were told to leave. Several Schererville Republican elected and appointed precinct committeeman were told they could not join the GOP meeting and vote count. But worst of all... all 3 incumbent Schererville Town Council republican members were denied access to a Schererville GOP meeting. Absolutely unacceptable.

Why did Mr. Slaman do this? His leadership must be called into question when it comes to the Schererville GOP. He has alienated the vast majority of Schererville AND County Republicans. He has driven our party into the ground for his own selfish purposes. He has become an absolute disgrace to Schererville and Lake County, and his overwhelming defeat backs that point up.

He should have done what Eldon Strong and Paul Keller did in CP. They went to the same party on election night, enjoyed the night together and watched the votes come in. When Strong won, Keller graciously congratulated his former opponent and threw his support behind Strong.

Slaman should have done this... but he didn't, and he WILL answer for it.

If I could summarize, Krull destroyed the Crown Point and St. John parties. Janiec destroyed Hammond. Slaman is destroying Schererville. Yet they act like they have some mandate because Hank got elected.

We all know why Hank got elected. Her name is Carol Ann Seaton. If Seaton has not been the opponent, Hank would not even have run. It's about time that people smarten up and start speaking the truth to power.


Rob Pastore said...

In December of 2009, I was cornered by Kim Krull and Nick Gasparovic at the LCRCC Christmas Party and told that Kim feared I would be unable to run for office, (mayor of Hammond), and be the chairman of the Hammond Republican Party at the same time. What hypocrits! Protect their own at any cost, that's the Krull-Slaman-Janiec agenda. Instead of properly dealing with Janiec after the stalking/intimidation/gun brandishing incident, Krull goes after myself, Krieg, and St John Chairman Joe Hero. Results: 1. St. John,( the most Republican area in Lake County), now has no party organization at all, 2. Pete Karagan, who ran as the Republican candidate for HD-12 was labeled by Ms. Krull as a "hostile candidate" and denied financial help from the LCRCC because she apparently found out he was a friend of myself, Krieg, and Joe Hero, 3. Mario Martini, Highland Republican Chairman, was removed from his chairmanship due to his friendship with myself, 4. Kim Poland, herself a candidate for elected office, is running the Hammond Republican Party, 5. Kevin Slaman is allowed to serve as chairman of the Schererville Republican Party and run for office at the same time, 6. Jim Cuffia, Crown Point Republican Party Chairman is allowed to remain as CP chairman and run for office, 7. Hammond's Republican nominee for mayor in November is a loose cannon on deck with a verifiable history of, according to court filings, hitting his first exwife on numerous occasions,( including beating her with a steel-toed work shoe when she was pregnant), not paying his child support, threatening a dentist who was trying to get paid for providing care to his daughter, found in contempt of court as recently as November of 2010 for not abiding by the court-ordered property settlement in his second divorce, and slapped with an order of protection by Judge McDeavitt in Lake County Circuit Court for stalking and intimidation that was in force for siX months, after which time I felt Janiec had got the message because he stopped stalking and intimidating myself and my supporters, and my attorney requested the order be dismissed in order to also save me from incurring another $8,000 in legal fees to continue the case.
Illegal gambling; witness tampering; appointing 240 democrats as Republican Judges and Clerks in the November, 2010 election; destroying the Republican Party in Lowell, Highland, Hammond, Schererville, St. John, Dyer, and Crown Point; allowing inadequate voting machines in Munster-precinct 24 and other Republican areas during the November, 2010 election; disenfranchising Melody Kikkert, Julie Bodamer, the RLC, and other relative new-comers to Lake County Republican politics are among the Krull-Slaman-Janiec achievements. God help the Republican Party in Lake County.

Ferguson said...

Is there no chivalry left? Kim squared is wrong for her actions and the actions of her company. However, your constant sniping does not and will not help the situation either. You are just as responsible as she is for the degradation that plagues the county party. Don't act all innocent You want to be the better person, start acting like it.

EVERYONE GROW UP ! You all are embarrassing !

Buzzcut said...

Ferg, why don't you call Kim and tell her that as well. How are your efforts at getting a sit down working?

Pastore said...

There is no working with people who deny access to meetings ala Slaman on election night and Janiec's friends at the Hammond mayoral debate. Shutting legitimate candidates out of important events because it is "emotional" is as immature as an adult can be. Who needs to grow up?

The actions of this group are not only damning to our party,they appear to be criminal.

Anonymous said...

Rob.....there is no reason for Kikkert to be disenfranchised. What the matter she got tired of paying the piper for her elected position that she was HANDED. You make a deal with the devil you have to pay. As for Slaman besides serve as chairman of a town organization as you pointed out in point five you should also have added he was vice county chair. Slaman felt he was entitled to his seat. Luckily those smart people in the town of Schererville saw right through that guy. Good move for them. Now we just have to fix the county party as a whole. Good luck on that one.

Anonymous said...

Robby "Pissed Off Loser" Pastore,

Your a joke, your a wannabe,you think your great but in reality you are nothing more than a lunatic pontificating blow hard.

Your resume for office is one limo and no brains.

Get a clue, you've lost two elections because people know you nuttier than a fruitcake and not because of Krull/Slayman or Janiec.

But then again, you think your a superhero...In reality you need a shrink!

Should I suggest one?

Ferguson said...

All the crap aside, the idea is to grow organizations. Whether that be the Republican Party or the RLC.

Now, I'm gonna ask you all to use your imaginations. This shouldn't be too hard since we are all acting like children here. I'm gonna ask all of you to put yourself in the shoes of Joe or Jane Public at 123 Main St., as in someone on the outside looking in. Most Americans, especially those interested in getting active within an organization, expect a good amount of civility within an organization. If I'm on the outside looking in, what motivation do I have to get involved? Essentially, it does not matter any more who was right and who was wrong. Your all wrong and an embarrassment.

@ Eric, well... it might be easier to get a sit down if everyone just shut up, allow thing to cool down and then seek a resolution with calm heads. But then again, that would be asking too much because who wants to act like an adult? That just silliness. So for nine months you have sniped, snickered and helped further disenfranchise the party. For nine months this has been going on. How's your method of resolving the dispute going?

BTW, I am now just as childish as the rest of you.

TMLutas said...

There's a serious issue here that has to be addressed. Is the GOP in Lake going to be run according the rules the rest of the party lives by or not?

Kevin Slaman could have delineated that the counting meeting was going on in one small room off to the side and have the election night campaign party in a different room and a private affair that was a no taunting zone. Other campaigns could shoehorn themselves in to help count but there would be separation enough to keep the peace.

As for Kim Krull, she can enforce the party rules or not. Has anybody bothered to ask her before going ahead with the anti-Krull rant du jour?

You're leaving her a nice exit. If this particular complaint catches fire all she need do to save herself is reprimand Kevin Slaman in a bit of kabuki politics.

On the other hand, if she goes on record as having given the charges the investigation deserves, exonerates Slaman, and *then* the accusations catch fire, she would be in a more difficult spot.

In the end, my recurring question remains, where's the better team that can replace this one?

Anonymous said...


We respect you, but how can we move forward in the RLC & the GOP when we got numbskulls in the RLC who are on a personal seek and destroy vendetta with the local GOP leadership.

They have allowed their egos to get in the way of building a new republican base of success in Lake County.

Simply stated, they need to be removed from the RLC like one would remove a cancerous tumor.

The RLC should have nipped them in the butt months ago. They have destroyed everything in sight and will eventually destroy any thing they touch, including you Ferguson.

Time to step up and clear the decks...

Ferguson said...

First of all, whoever you are, you should know, clearing the deck demand will give you no favor with me and by demanding this shows your utter lack of R_E_S_P_E_C_T for me. Diplomacy error number one.

Diplomacy error number two, calling people numbskulls. I think we have enough childish behavior going on. But then again when in Rome.

Diplomacy error # 3, Your reference to egos. There is enough of that to go around on all sides. Egos are the reason this wasn't settled 9 months ago. 9 months ago this started as a dispute between Pastore and Janiec. Ego is the reason it wasn't solved then and ego enough for all is the reason it isn't getting solved now.

Diplomacy error # 4, threating me. I have absolutely nothing to lose here. The only skin I have in the game is building a stronger party. I assure you, I don't embarrass easily and I don't go away either. Where would you rather have me? Pissing inside or out, your choice.

Seriously? Are we in 6th grade? Derogatory language, ultimatums and threating personal destruction?

I'll ask again, is there no chivalry left?

Have you all lost your collective minds?

Is this what we have degraded too, trading snide snippets on a forum?

We are surely all children ! We have to be for this preposterous one-upmanship to continue.

Whoever you are, you are obviously not serious about resolving conflicts and a return to civility.

Grow up !

Michael T. Stulac said...

You know damn well I can't leave a good third rail untouched.

Instead of airing complaints out in a public forum, aren't there channels in the GOP where, if you think a wrong is in place, you can lodge a complaint up the chain of command? The more monkeyshines in this Jerry Springer Show on Blogspot, the more grist for the mill you give Mark Keisling to crib for his column, and be glad he's then only columnist who has seen fit to wade into the R side of the street.

The only ones I see here who I know are themselves are the registered names of Ferg, Lutas, me, and the author. Anyone can write the name Pastore, or snipe via anonymous.

When I was in the Army, my section chief got rotated to another platoon, and I had an idiot with a mean streak replace him. I told the old sergeant I could not work with the new s.o.b. since I had no respect for the guy, and how can I wrangle a transfer. He told me the only way I was going to get through the army was to recognize I'll have both good and bad sergeants (as he said, some are sergeants, and some just wear the stripes), but to show respect to the empty shell, meaning the uniform and the rank, no matter how putrid and foul the waste of skin was inside of it. And if I had one who was gunning for me, record every instance in a notebook marked "memorandum for record" so I have a line of behavior to produce if I have to appear and defend myself to someone. This has served me quite well in civilian life, and your mileage may vary in politics.

My county chairwoman is Kim Krull, come what may. I can cheer or I can pout; neither will change that. My job as a precinct captain is to do what I can to build the GOP in my blue heaven, doing my best to work in tandem with my city and county leaders. If I feel someone is impeding my progress in my duties, I am to record it for future reference and carry on, doing my job with the help of them when I can, going it on my own or looking for a work-around if I can't.

The side of the road at 2 a.m. with the ticketing cop isn't the right place and right person to argue with. The judge in court on the future date is. Openly griping about Ms Krull when she's there, like it or not until what, March 2013, cripes.

Politics is an orgy of massive egos, so no one will give a mea culpa (and I couldn't care less if they did or not), so what's the next step to carry on as best possible with or without help from the LCRCC? I don't need help from the LCRCC to pound on doors or to canvas for my candidate later this summer. And I surely don't need to poke the LCRCC in the ribs with a stick then ask it to work with me later on. And if the LCRCC wars with me when I gave no valid reason for the onslaught, time for Memo for Record, and compare memos with others come the right time, if need be.

I have better stuff to do than fight trench warfare within my county for 2 years. I'm busy being the best ward heel I can be regardless of the competency of my superior officers. Time to turn the Howitzers outward to the Dems.

Buzzcut said...

Well, Ferg, it's not like we haven't tried. There were 3 or 4 peace offerings over the many months here, and not only were they rejected, but they were used as opportunities to go after our people one more time.

Regarding Stulac's idea to "go up the chain of command", that has been done. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere, although articles like this do get down to Indy, let me assure you. At some point I have to guess that something will be done.

And Lutas' question, if not these people, then who, if we had a good answer to that question, these people would be long gone.

Ferguson said...

No discernible amount of time was ever allowed for cooler heads, when you offer peace in one hand with a dagger in the other, its no wonder your offer was constantly rejected. Perhaps then this should be the signal its time to handle this my way. Same applies to you, do you want me pissing inside-out or outside-in, your choice?

Pete Karagan said...

I was asked on at least 7 different occasions, by 7 different individuals to sit down with the LCRCC and the chair to mend fences. Without hesitation and unconditionally, I wholeheartedly agreed. Would our differences be settled? Maybe and then again, maybe not. But, I was willing to try. At the very least, I was hoping to find common ground and mutual respect.
Lack of communication has lead to the public humiliation of our Republican brand. All of this nonsense could have been handled in-house. Instead of building the local party, it has been reduced. Candidates need our help and we are now wasting energies here. We all could have been harvesting new recruits into the ranks, instead we were fighting amongst ourselves.
If anyone is successful opening the door of communication, count me in.

Buzzcut said...

Here's Kim Krull's comment, does this sound like someone who is willing to compromise?

Citizen, if you're going to tell the whole story, then tell the WHOLE story.

The last several elections, King Hal's faction of Republicans have not shown up on election night. They have counted votes and had their own private event elsewhere. King Hal forgets that, although he may not like Kevin Slaman, he is the S'ville GOP Chair and the County GOP Vice Chair. Those positions warrant a certain element of respect. King Hal thinks that he runs his own Republican party, independent of the current leadership. That attitude is what is causing a problem within the party. King Hal's arrogance will continue to cause fractures in the party if he fails to be a team player.

The only reason King Hal and his minions showed up to the event that night was to RUB IT IN! Who are you kidding to suggest otherwise?! King Hal owes an apology to the entire Republican party for that BS mailing he sent out like he is the party chair. Furthermore, he represented that Bradley was an incumbent, which he IS NOT!

People are starting to catch on to the arrogance of King Hal and his sidekick Connelly. All their behavior will do is push the majority back in the other direction. Those people have no interest in doing anything but enriching their friends and making backroom deals. The public will figure that all out soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Respect sould be earned, not demanded.

TMLutas said...

I have my doubts that this was written by Kim Krull. If it were, she would be publicly denigrating the GOP primary winners in Schererville, something that goes against party rules. What evidence do you have that Resident of LC (the comment's author) is a Kim Krull sock puppet?

Buzzcut said...

3- 1/2 years of experience on the Times message boards. It's her, I've noticed it on other topics.