Friday, November 30, 2012

Broke-ass Surveyor making a lot of committments without any money

The Lake County Council took all of George Van Til's money away.  That hasn't stopped him from talking up projects to map Lake County with Laser Radar and dig up a drain under downtown Schererville.

Poor Georgie. Pretty soon the papers are going to stop reporting on his schemes, when they realize that he can't do anything because he has no money.

One wonders if the County Council wouldn't have taken his money away if he didn't have so many problems with the FBI.


Gossip Girl said...

Careful Buzz, that fat lazy surveyor has the means to play Scroog to your 'lil Timmy.

sparks said...

What would you have done if you were elected as the surveyor, Buzz? The laser mapping program is being implemented statewide.

Buzzcut said...

Like I said in the post, I think that the stripping of the Surveyor's levy from the budget was not because of the deficit, that was just a convenient excuse. It is so the council can have defacto oversight over what he does with the money, because of the FBI raid.