Monday, January 21, 2013

More on the corrupt Lake Central Referendum

You won't read this in the Times, which is a lap dog for the building trades and People's Bank:

Lake Central hired Unicom Arc to determine why the 2009 referendum
failed.  Those findings showed low level support for athletic stadiums
and additional parking lots. 

When the Stuperintendent Harry Vertacco
gave his presentations to the public (May 19 and 23, 2011) along with
Assistant Stuperintendent Al Gadafi they told the public that only a
building was needed because of overcrowding and deteriation.  They even
showed a video presentation that showed only a building was sought. 

Afterwards members of the audience asked what would happen to the track
where the proposed building would be built.  Nervously Al Gadafi looked
at Harry Vertacco and said that it would unfortunately need to be
relocated to Clark Middle School.  He never mentioned further that it
would be back at the High School when the new football stadium is built.
 Their presentations and statements were purposely misleading because
they knew of theses were failures for the 2009 referendum. 

You mention
the ties to Peoples Bank which are also interesting.  Their CEO, Joel
Gorlich, is the president of the LC athletic boosters. His son Jeremy
also employed by Peoples Bank is the treasurer for the LC Politcal
Action Committee.  Todd Scheub, son of Gerry Scheub, is a chief lending
officer at Peoples. You have already mentioned Jim Wiesers connection. 

The Lake Central fraud gets deeper.  The amount is for 160 million
before interest is figured.  Whoever purchases the bonds, possibly
Peoples Bank stands to make a lot of money of the interest. 

interesting are the resignations and retirements that have taken place
since the 2011 referendum was announced.  Superintendent Gerald Chabot,
Lake Central Principal Robert McDermott, Protsman Principal Jack Thomas
and most recently Peoples CEO Joel Gorlich.


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