Friday, February 1, 2013

Munster referendum moving forward?

The school board is taking the logical next steps to move forward with a referendum to raise the property tax.  They're looking for a 19.9 cent increase per $100 assessed.

This is a good Times comment:

I encourage anyone intending to vote on the referendum do some research into current salaries (automatic increases), benefits, number/type of employees, and work days. Some of the information can be found using the links below. Mr. Sopko could be more straight forward and provide information about the school town budget that would help taxpayers make informed decisions. For instance what is the total school town yearly cost for all employee benefits and salaries? What if automatic salary increases and step increases were removed? What if the practice of allowing employees to carry over sick days and then be paid for them was discontinued? What if the number of support staff (secretaries, assistant principals) was reduced? Many options are available and should be considered outside of the dramatic we will need to cut 20 teachers if we don’t raise taxes song and dance. 

The bottom line is that salaries and benefits need to come in line with revenue.  You can't pay staff the highest salaries in Lake County when you get the least amount of money from the state.  At a time when federal and county taxes are rising, this is not a good time to raise taxes for schools.

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TMLutas said...

Have they at least pulled DARE so that students don't waste their time and the district tax money to pay for a program that's been found ineffective by GAO, DoE, NIH, US Surgeon General, and NAS?

Paying for stuff that doesn't work and has been known not to work for several years won't win my yes vote on tax increases.