Friday, March 22, 2013

Another Lake County Democrat pleads guilty to tax evasion

Gary Councilwoman Marilyn Krusas hasn't filed a tax return in 20 years.

Now that this case is done, what about Democrat Lake County Councilwoman Christine Cid?  It came out in the Philpot trial that she doesn't pay taxes either.  Where is her indictment?

Back to Krusas: once again, nobody in Gary pays taxes.  Nobody.  So when you restructure government to be funded by income taxes, inevitably those who work and pay taxes are going to pay for those that don't work and don't pay taxes.

In another words, South County will now pay for North County.

You know, I didn't like the tax cap law because it substituted sales tax for property tax.  But maybe it was a good idea.  After all, people from Gary don't pay property taxes either, but I bet they do pay sales tax.  It's hard not to pay that, unless you buy stuff online, which I bet nobody from Gary does.


Anonymous said...

"Back to Krusas: once again, nobody in Gary pays taxes."

This makes me giggle. Karen would say you're racist, but Marilyn is white, so...

Buzzcut said...

Have you seen the Lake County tax sale? When it shows up in the Times on a Wednesday, it makes the paper bigger than the Sunday paper, and 95% of the listings are for Gary.

So, yeah, nobody in Gary pays taxes. Even the white people.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have, Buzz. You're correct.

Speaking of more white people not paying taxes, how does old man McDermott stay off the tax sale list?

Anonymous said...

Does Cid have a pending criminal indictment, which was disclosed during the Philpot trial?

Buzzcut said...

It came out in the trial that she didn't pay her taxes, either, but she must have cut a deal, because there has been no indictment.

Anonymous said...

Hard-pressed to remember when Munster became part of South County, if that's your intimation.

And, the taxes line was not even remotely the most racist part of this post.