Monday, March 25, 2013

How much does it cost to dig a hole to hold poop?


I drive down Columbia every day, twice a day.  There used to be some decrepit ball fields across from the sanitary district, and suddenly last year they were cleared, along with some old industrial land next to them.

It turns out that this will be a retention basis for sewage, used during rainstorms so that the Hammond Sanitary District doesn't overflow as much into the Grand Calumet.

I am just constantly amazed at how much infrastructure costs these days.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to union thugs and greed. That's irony: shitballs digging holes to put other shitballs in. Union thugs have been doing that for years.

Buzzcut said...

I do wonder how much it would cost if "prevailing wages" didn't have to be paid.

I still think, even then, that the cost would shock.

TMLutas said...

Ultimately the need for the project is because we mix rainwater with human waste. We're paying $4M in two Munster neighborhoods to separate the sewer systems. How many neighborhoods in the district are separated/unseparated? How much would it cost to fix this the right way? This story bothers me because it is all about a plan B second best solution without even mentioning that there's a rejected plan A.

By comparison, the prevailing wage issue is likely small beer.